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Stretch Tents Manufactured with Care

RHI stretch tents are manufactured according to strict quality standards and comply with international safety regulations. Every element of our tents are made using only the best materials.

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We are passionate about making stretch tents

It's why our clients keep coming back.

RHI have earned a global reputation for manufacturing a tried and trusted product. Our mission is to keep revolutionising, and stay at the forefront of the international stage with the next generation of stretch tents.


We maximize the potential setup options for one tent.

Industry trailblazers

Our track record speaks for itself.

Stretch tents originated in South Africa – the home of RHI. Arising from the need to create shade in areas that conventional tents can’t venture, the stretch tent industry quickly became a booming market. Rodney Ilderton, founder and CEO of RHI Stretch Tents, saw the demand for a robust product that is practical yet aesthetically beautiful. Through extensive research and ongoing field trials, the RHI brand has become synonymous with innovation & quality.

100% waterproof

Our unique two-way stretch tent fabric remains fully watertight.

Quality fanatics

We never stop designing and testing.

When we first started manufacturing stretch tents, we couldn’t find material that met our exacting standards. This led us to design our own knitting machines for the production of our superior stretch tent fabrics, making us the only stretch tent company in the world to do so. For the components we can’t make ourselves, we turn to carefully curated suppliers and service providers who share our pursuit for excellence, passion for craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail.

Branding & decoration

Get your stretch tent branded with RHI-developed printing techniques.

Global network

With RHI, you have an international partner.

A long-standing international client base allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of the barriers and pain points of our partners across the world. This invaluable knowledge base is made available to new clients to help them make a success of their stretch tent rental business. Our experienced team provides ongoing training and support to operators who are part of the RHI network.


Custom stretch tent designs and installations made to fit your unique requirements.

Maximise your return on investment with an RHI Stretch Tent.

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