Create a Megastructure For Your Next Outdoor Festival

Four RHI Arachnids Linked

Create a megastructure for your next outdoor festival. At RHI Stretch Tent Manufacturers we understand the need for coverage of large temporary outdoor event spaces. We are excited to announce a solution that is sure to meet those needs and provide a remarkable structure for your festival. The RHI Arachnid tent is an eight-sided tent spanning 20meters in diameter and providing coverage of 330m². By linking four of these Arachnid Tents together you have the seamless solution to a fully covered festival spanning a total tent coverage of 1320m².

When linking your RHI Arachnids together you achieve one large megastructure that is protected from the weather conditions, we have designed and developed a fully watertight joining seal between the tents.

Another great benefit of the RHI Arachnids linked is that this setup has been certified by our in-house engineers and complies to the building standards of temporary structures all around the world.

The RHI Arachnid tents have the capability of closing and sectioning off entrances and exits around the entire tent using our wide-spanning RHI Triangular doors. The Doors are available in clear or solid fabrics and can be easily rolled and tied back when needed.

Section each Arachnid Tent into individual “bubble “areas whilst having all tents interlinked creating one megastructure for your festival. Create unique spaces underneath each Arachnid such as a dance floor area, cocktail bar area, activation, pop up vendors or food court areas while providing an admirable flow from one space to another.

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