The Present and Future of the RHI Arachnid Series

The RHI ARACHNID is a longstanding premier mainstay of the RHI tents Arsenal. Our circular eight-sided stretch tent has been proven as a versatile and unique tenting solution that is perfect for a wide range of events and gatherings. With its unique shape, flexibility, and durability, the arachnid is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests and provide a functional and memorable event space.

The many features of the Arachnid have created a massive demand from the corporate and wedding markets. For larger events, more than one Arachnid can be joined together with a simple linking system to create dramatic venues for larger events, or for events that require multiple venues within a single venue. This joining system allows organizers to create truly spectacular event spaces that are a move away from the rectangular norm.

The Arachnid dooring system for tent entrances uses multiple clear weatherproof doors, to maintain external views, and let the light in when fully enclosed for bad weather, and when not needed, they can easily be rolled up. The RHI dooring system allows event organisers to control the desired “flow” of guests and considerably extend their season. The RHI Arachnid along with its dooring and linking system allows for a great amount of flexibility in organising and planning events and confirms the RHI arachnid tent as a must-have for your rental fleet.

Some additional features of the RHI arachnid can be seen below:

  • Doors are manufactured to match the colour of your tent.
  • Doors are easily zipped open or closed enabling you to roll the wall panels up when not needed.
  • A fully waterproof seal between doors & tent.
  • Attachment lugs are at the bottom to pin the wall to the ground.
  • Weather flaps are at the bottom with a pocket for a weight chain if required.
  • Doors are available as an either transparent or solid fabric.

RHI is constantly evolving with the times and continues to develop our tents with some exciting new RHI circular tents on the horizon.

With the goal of better understanding and meeting our client’s needs, Additional CIRCULAR TENTS will be available, adding more to cater for differing venue sizes and more options to the growing RHI ARACHNID SERIES.

View some of the coming options below:

RHI Arachnid Series

Arachnid Unit 12: Four-sided

Dia (m)Dia (ft)ft²SeatedStandingCinema
12m Ø40ft Ø6772135 pax50 pax32 pax
Small wedding tents, VIP lounges &Ceremony tents for small-sized weddings

Arachnid Unit 17: Six-sided

Dia (m)Dia (ft)ft²SeatedStandingCinema
17m Ø56ft Ø1761895100 pax220 pax112 pax
Small to Medium wedding tents, VIP lounges &Ceremony tents for medium-sized weddings

Arachnid Unit 20: Eight-side

Dia (m)Dia (ft)ft²SeatedStandingCinema
20m Ø66ft Ø3303552180 pax280 pax260 pax
Medium to large wedding tents, VIP lounges, and Ceremony tents for large weddings

Arachnid Unit 27: Ten-sided

Dia (m)Dia (ft)ft²SeatedStandingCinema
27m Ø89ft Ø5215608310 pax650 pax455 pax
Large wedding tents, VIP lounges &Ceremony tents for large-sized weddings

Arachnid Unit 1000: Extendable

Extension 1Extension 2Extension 3Extension 4Extension 5
Modular & fully adjustable; for Events of any size. Available in various sizing options.

For more information about the Arachnid and our RHI Arachnid series, get in touch with our experts and see how we can assist you.