Designing More Than Just A Stretch Tent

With our tent’s organic forms and pristine good looks, RHI stretch tents are becoming a very essential asset in many interior designers’ and architects’ toolkits. Our tents are widely sought after for their natural shape created by our fabric’s organic stretch properties. Our knitted fabrics achieve beautiful dips, curves and organic lines that blend more naturally in nature by better incorporating existing vegetation.

Our dual layers of fabric are made in-house and are used in this design to create a focal ambience in an outdoor dining area. Functionally, the dual layers create a secondary boundary layer to offset radiant heat, while at the same time allowing convective heat dispersion in the upper roof cavity. Temperature management in these in this super-hot locale is critical. The RHI team designed and engineered the roofing membrane under the directions of architects and integrated thermal dynamics which provide practical protection from the elements.

We love the integration of raw textured wooden flooring and natural rock with the organic lines of our roofing membrane. Then of course a spectacular remote African landscape.

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