Rigging Equipment

All our rigging equipment & accessories are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to last.

Poles & Pole Accessories


Aluminium poles

RHI Aluminium Poles are manufactured according to strict quality standards and comply with international safety regulations and available to fit with a wide Range of Aluminium Pole accessories for both simple and advanced setups.

Our Poles are supplied to engineering grade 6061 aluminium and use grade 316 stainless steel for all our small attachments and fittings.

Wooden poles

Triple varnished wooden poles are available on request as an elegant and organic alternative tenting support. RHI Wooden poles undergo scrutinous testing and processing for guaranteed Strength and durability for your structure.

All wooden poles have been completely polished and finished with rope for handling convenience.




Used as an essential piece of equipment for tensioning and connecting rope accessories and tents, RHI stainless steel attachments are the standard of any tent setup.


Ropes & Ratchet sets


Maximize the stability and versatility of your stretch tent with RHI premium ropes and rope sets.

RHI high-quality ropes are meticulously crafted to withstand varying weather conditions, providing robust support for the secure anchoring of your stretch tent.

Ratchet sets

Experience unmatched precision and ease in setting up your stretch tent with RHI high-performance ratchet sets.

RHI ratchets sets offer an user-friendly alternative to Rope sets and bring a new level of efficiency and durability to the tent tensioning process, guaranteeing a stable and flawless setup every time.


Tools & Equipment

Elevate your outdoor events with RHI top-tier tools and equipment tailored for stretch tents. Crafted for precision and durability.

RHI offer the best tools and equipment for setting up stretch tents. Ensure a easy and seamless setup for your next outdoor event experience.



Rigging Bags​

RHI bags provide a waterproof, secure and efficient storage solution for your valuable stretch tents and tent accessories and are available in many sizes.

Thoughtfully designed with durability and minimizing the hassle of tent transportation in mind, RHI bags offer the best streamlining solution during the process from storage to installation.


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