RHI Tent Saves the day in harsh island conditions

Having received a 6 X 5m Chino MK4 Stretch tent to be used in a special environmental project, we loved to hear this review from one of our customers with experience in harsh outdoor conditions. We pride ourselves in continuing to deliver one of the most reliable Stretch tenting solutions.

I would like to say thank you to the RHI team for offering I-Rigging Solutions the tent that has been used on my Inaccessible Island eradication project. The rigging team have been away for nearly 5 months, and it was a very successful season out there is the wilderness. Much of that success is due to unquestionable stable and very reliable communal shelter which the RHI tent provided. The tent was pitched on the plateau of Inaccessible Island where the weather conditions are extremely unstable – dealing with microclimates all the time.

The rigging team was pleasantly surprised by how well the tent held structure kept form considering prolonged wind gusts pushing up to 70+km and also proved to be 100% waterproof. The tent saved us during harsh weather and was completely reliable. I very grateful that we managed to make it happen and it serves as a huge component in the well-being of the team and longevity of the project. Running multiple expeditions and understanding the great need to stabilize fundamentals when living in the outdoors– shelter is the main component and the tent played part in the success of the previous year’s season.

Carmen F via Google Review

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