Frequently Asked

19+ years experience in stretch tent manufacturing and design. Our track record speaks for itself.

100%! RHI stretch tents are made to endure the most extreme weather conditions, come rain or shine.

Yes. RHI stretch tents meet all the safety requirements of the countries they are shipped to and meet international fire and safety regulations.

No. Stretch tents can be set up almost anywhere and in any space. The options are endless.

Absolutely. Simply by changing which corners and sides are pegged to the ground, and incorporating different pole lengths, you have a completely different look and feel. See our gallery for examples.

Not at all. Half a day’s training with a few key pointers will enable you to set up a stretch tent of any size.

Stretch tents are also named as Stretch marquees, Bedouin tents or Free-form tents.

Most definitely. RHI stretch tents are modular in design, which means that multiple tents can be joined together to create larger structures.

Shipping is dependent on your location.

For local clients: Road Freight Shipping can be used.

For international clients: Ocean Freight shipping or alternatively for a quicker transit time Air Freight can be used.

We insure all goods in transit and our freight company handles all the paperwork. We will refer a clearing agent to you to assist in clearing the goods on arrival in the in your country to insure there are no hold ups at the port and any unnecessary storage costs. For many of our European clients we have a EUR1 certificate that we supply with goods and freight documents so there are no custom duties charged when we export into these countries. Contact us to find out more.


Absolutely, RHI’s Modular Walling and Dooring Systems are simple to install, modular in design and are the perfect solution to extending the use of your RHI stretch tents into the colder months.

All our tents are available in either white, platinum, chino, red and black. However, any other colour may be requested subject to a minimum order.

Certainly. RHI uses in-house developed printing techniques to ensure only the best quality print.

Whilst our more popular sizes are 10.5m x 7.5m (Small), 10.5m x 15m (Medium) and 21m x 15m (Large) RHI manufacturers a wide range of sizes from 6m x 5m to our largest single tent being 25.5m x 18m.

Yes, custom bespoke stretch tents are available upon request. With our in-house Engineering expertise, we offer engineering analysis checks, design, and manufacture spectacular custom bespoke stretch structures for our clients.

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