Our Stretch Tent

All our fabrics are unique to RHI. They are knitted in-house on specially designed machines that we own, so that we can ensure the performance and quality standards we pride ourselves in.

RHI Fabrics

RHI’s All-weather MK4 fabric is comprised of an external barrier layer with a strong inner fabric layer for maximum functionality. Our Fabric Reliability and Longevity has been tried and trusted for many years and is widely known for being the leading choice in stretch fabrics available.

A.W.A.T Fabrics​

The RHI AWAT (Anti-Water Absorption Technology) system uses beautiful organic external barrier membrane to act as waterproofing and a water repellent. The combination of water proofing and water repellency ensures that the fabric does not get heavily soaked during the longest and harshest rains’ meaning there is minimal water pick up and the tents will dry super quick, even indoors!

The outer barrier membrane also serves to protect the underlying fabric from UV break down and dirt, giving unparalleled longevity and easy cleaning. Designed and manufactured to be one of the most user friendly stretch tents on the market.
Key Benefits
Anti-Water Absorption

Superior Quality and Performance

Our stretch tent fabric is the result of years of research, development and extensive field trials.

100% Waterproof

All weather MK4 fabric remains waterproof while stretched with added Teflon coating to increase water resistance and advanced seaming technology guarantees drip free seams.

Mold & Fungal Inhibitors

RHI stretch tent fabric is treated with antimicrobials which inhibit mould and fungal growth. This is especially important in wet climates where tents cannot be dried quickly.

Easy to Clean

RHI’s stretch tent fabric is coated and treated with dirt repellents to ensure it remains clean and stain free. This ensures it is easy to keep your tents in top quality condition.

Fire Retardant

Our stretch tent fabric is fire resistant and complies with fire safety regulations. Certified and complies with B1-German / M2-French / CFSM-USA / BS-British and more.


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Chino, Platinum, White, Black and Red. Custom colours are available subject to minimum runs.

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