Why our Custom Stretch tents?

Data driven design and engineering

We collaborate and work closely with our clients to design spectacular tents. Our design process includes accurate real-life 3D simulations, and engineering checks to ensure the proposed membrane is structurally sound.

All our membranes are fully engineered in-house with static analysis calculations to give full wind loading data for substructure engineering. We are the only stretch tent company that has this in-house facility.

Expert fabricators​

A well-designed tent is the starting point of a top-performing product. We invest in the best technology available to guarantee a quality membrane.

RHI tents are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system and are backed by manufacturer and fabric warranties.

Our track record and long-standing client base is a testament to our product functionality, quality and more importantly its revenue-generating success. We have a simple goal, make our clients’ money and they will be back to buy more tents.

Our passion extends to the point where we invested in our own fabric knitting machines to ensure our fabrics are to the exacting standards we set. This has allowed us the best possible fabrics and more importantly at a like for like unbeatable pricing point.

Demountable, functional structures

RHI uses a system flexible low e-modulus fabric to create its structures and form. The form and shape of the canopy membrane is derived out of the natural characteristics of the fabric. This organic forming of the membrane allows for unprecedented clean formed lines.

Our fabrics all retain textures and open structure to create a beautiful warm organic feeling. The natural lines blend beautifully with lighting and do not reflect light allowing for a lighting backdrop. Our tents are lightweight demountable structures that are used for many different purposes, from extending your restaurant seating area to providing accommodation units for tented camps.

We stock a wide range of colours that have all have a matt organic finish.

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