Team RHI’s Custom Container Conversions

RHI tents were commissioned by the Cipla Foundation to design coverage for their COVID-19 vaccination stations comprising of two tents per station; one for the entrance/registration side and a second for the required 15 minutes waiting area which needed to be more enclosed.

The brief was to design a functional cover as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Our design team came up with a catenary edged tent creating height variation to accentuate its organic form.

This was to break the stark contrast of re-purposed containers which are easy to transport to remote areas. Our grey fabric was chosen to maintain a clinical look, yet also soften the stark medical white. COVID-19 vaccinations have barely started locally, and remote areas in Africa pose a large challenge. Team RHI has expedited the manufacture of these units, with many complete units already installed, with more to come. Team RHI has focused these efforts to assist in the rolling out of these units all across Southern Africa.

RHI are proud to form part of this critical initiative that is bringing vaccination stations closer to people in outlying areas.

Trialling the prototype with David Grier of the Cipla Foundation

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