Au d’ Hex Estate

South Africa

Set in the breathtakingly beautiful wetlands of the Au d’Hex Estate in Wellington, South Africa, RHI Stretch Tents set out to design, manufacture, and supply a custom stretch tent solution for a picturesque wooden floating platform.

The Au d’Hex Estate is known for being an exquisite wedding venue. Our brief was to deliver protection and comfort to any wedding or event go-ers while emphasising and allowing for scenic views of the rich surrounding environment. A floating tent configuration was chosen to provide a brilliant solution for maximum unobstructed floor space. Our custom design proved to be the perfect blend of elegant innovation and practical functionality, which has become synonymous with RHI stretch tents.

Custom Conceptions

RHI Tents have developed a range of fabrics and construction techniques that are used for semi-permanent and permanent installations. From conception to completion to engineered solutions, we have got it covered.

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