From the original design focus to create a circular tent to be used at festivals as a bar tent, with a circular bar counter in the middle, the beautiful, aptly named ‘Arachnid’ was born.

This multiple entrance tent with eight doorways, comes with clear weatherproof doors, to maintain external views, and let the light in when fully enclosed for bad weather, and when not needed, they can easily be rolled up. The feature of eight ‘openings’ not only gives operators the ability to control the ‘flow’ of the event by having multiple entrance and exit options, but also the ability to quickly close off the tent on the windward side, from any direction when needed.

This Arachnid with beautiful, accentuated curvature allows for a dramatic tent with awesome potential for lighting, has not only indeed been embraced by the festival market, but has become a mainstay of the RHI offering, with massive demand from the corporate and wedding markets too.

More than one Arachnid can be joined together with a simple linking system to create dramatic venues for larger events, or for events that require multiple venues within a single venue. This joining system allows organizers to create truly spectacular event spaces that is a move away from the rectangular norm.

The easy to rig, versatile Arachnid with 330m² of useable space, is often found set up permanently as a set wedding venue or is invested in by rental companies to offer their clients a structure that has a real wow factor!

Custom Conceptions

RHI Tents have developed a range of fabrics and construction techniques that are used for semi-permanent and permanent installations. From conception to completion to engineered solutions, we have got it covered.

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