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Functional Shading Solutions for Africa’s Only Toboggan Track

Cover over marshal area

Towards the end of 2017, RHI Stretch Tents was commissioned by Cape Town-based toboggan park, Cool Runnings, to assess the park’s shading requirements and propose a functional yet aesthetically pleasing solution for a complete overhaul.

Being a toboggan track in Africa (the only one, in fact) – where sunny skies and hot temperatures are expected almost daily – Cool Runnings is definitely not your typical toboggan track. Instead of snow and ice, their toboggans run on a stainless-steel track, each seating one or two people. You start your ride by pulling the toboggan to the top of a steep slope. From there, your sled is released and you go flying down a 17-corner track with s-bends and a tunnel. Speed is controlled by a break, but adrenaline junkies easily reach up to 40km an hour!

With thrill seekers arriving in droves and summer school holidays around the corner, Cool Runnings entrusted the RHI team to come up with a plan to cover numerous areas, providing shade for both their customers and safety marshals.

From a tenting perspective, there was nothing simple about this site. The customer queuing area, bar deck and areas where the safety marshals patrol throughout the day each had its own set of challenges, not to mention wind speeds that reach up to 80 km/h.

After many early mornings spent rigging (so as not to disrupt operations), RHI executed the carefully-planned design to provide this leading tourist attraction with the much-needed cover they required for the imminent festive season and beyond.

From the photos, you can see that the result is functional yet eye-catching. Management is so pleased with the result that they’ve commissioned more tents, and we look forward to a longstanding partnership with Cool Runnings.

Cover over entrance

Cool Runnings entrance

Cover over queuing area at the track

Cover over queuing area at the track

Cover over queuing area

Cover over queuing area

Cover over bar

Cover over the bar

Shade sail for safety marshals at the end of the track

Cover at the end of the track

Shade sail for safety marshals

Shade sail for safety marshals

Cool Runnings shade solution

In keeping with the Cool Runnings theme

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