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Tent Sizes: A Guide to Matching a Tent to Your Event

Tent Sizes

How do you estimate the size tent you need for an event? If you’re an industry veteran, you probably know the answer thanks to years of experience. But if you’re new to stretch tents this handy guide to matching a tent to your event is all you need to ensure a successful event.

Apart from the obvious question, that is “how many people will need to be accommodated”, you’ll need to consider the following two factors: The type of event, and how much additional floor space will be required.

1. What type of event is it?

Performance event

A performance event is an event where people are seated in rows, traditionally referred to as cinema-style seating. Not much space is required for each person.

Typical event examples include concerts and conferences.

Tent Sizes: Performance Event

Cocktail event

A cocktail or reception-style event is an event where people are generally standing. Little seating is available throughout the space.

Typical event examples include product or media launches, small award ceremonies or VIP zones at festivals.

Tent Sizes: Cocktail Event

Seated dinner or lunch event

A seated dinner or lunch event is an event where people are seated at a number of rectangular or round tables. An imprtant consideration here is enough space to allow for the comfortable flow of service staff between tables, even when two back-to-back facing chairs are pulled out.

Tent sizes: Sit-down meal event

2. How much additional floor space is required?

At most events, one or all of the following will need to be considered:

  • Is a dance floor required? A dance floor for an 80-pax wedding can be a lot smaller than that for an 200-pax wedding.
  • What food and beverage stations are required? Bars, buffet tables and prep stations all add up to the amount of space required.
  • Is space for entertainment required? A band that requires a stage will
    need a lot more space than a single person delivering a speech or presentation.
  • Is a reception area required? Some events require a separate area other than that intended for the seated meal. Depending on the purpose of this space, this area could double the amount of floor space required.

Unlike a traditional marquee that has an unchangeable amount of floor space, a stretch tents’ usable floor space varies depending on the configuration it is set up in. For example, a stretch tent that’s set up with all its sides down to the ground will not have as much usable space as a stretch tent that’s set up with its sides ‘floating’. See examples below.

Tent Sizes: Stretch Tent With All Its Sides Down

Stretch Tent With All Its Sides Down

Tent Sizes: Stretch Tent With All Two Sides Down

Stretch Tent With Two Sides Down

Tent Sizes: Stretch Tent With All One Side Down

Stretch Tent With One Side Down

Tent Sizes: Stretch Tent With No Sides Down

Stretch Tent With No Sides Down (“Floating”)

For the purposes of this article, a good starting point to calculate the amount of space required is as follows:

Performance/ cinema-style event: 1.25m²/ 13.45ft² per person

Cocktail/ reception-style event: 1.5m²/ 16.14ft² per person

Seated dinner/ lunch event: 2m²/ 21.52ft² per person

Our easy-to-use stretch tent size calculator serves as an easy reference to matching a tent to your event.

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