Is This The Most Durable Temporary Shade Sail in the World?

Temporary Shade Sail

Before RHI Stretch Tents entered the market in 2009, the temporary shade sails that were available at the time were rudimentary. Their applications were limited, they were difficult to maintain, and their lifespan was short. It wasn’t long before food and beverage outlets took notice of stretch tents – the new alternative. Restaurants, bars and pop-ups saw the potential in a temporary shade sail that could be customised to fit almost any space, was practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the first food and beverage groups to try a stretch tent for themselves is PRIMI – a popular family eatery in South Africa. Since opening its first branch in 2001, the Italian restaurant franchise has grown to over 42 locations country-wide, with plans of expanding to international territories.

In 2011, RHI manufactured a custom shade sail for the first-floor balcony at the Sea Point branch in Cape Town, South Africa.

When recently passing through the area we were very pleased to see that eight years later, their canopy is still in tip-top condition, providing effective cover and a cozy ambience for patrons.

Temporary Shade Sails

Durable Temporary Shade Sail

RHI’s custom division can design, manufacture and install a stretch tent that suits your unique space’s exact requirements. And because stretch tents do not require a flat footprint, they can be designed to incorporate large trees, pillar, or any other object that needs to be catered for.

Why an RHI Stretch Tent Is the Most Durable Temporary Shade Sail in the World

  • Weather-proof RHI’s All-Weather MK4 fabric remains waterproof while stretched. A Teflon coating further increases water resistance and advanced seaming technology guarantees drip-free seams. This weather-resistant quality is especially vital in environments that experience regular rainfall and extreme wind speeds.
  • Stain-proof Our fabrics are treated with dirt repellents to ensure easy maintenance. What’s more, our fabrics are then treated with antimicrobials which inhibit mould and fungal growth – an important consideration in wet climates.
  • In-house knitted fabrics When we first started manufacturing stretch tents, we couldn’t find material that met our exacting standards. This led us to invest in our own knitting machines for the production of our superior stretch tent fabrics, making us the only stretch tent company in the world to do so.
  • Technologically advanced RHI’s stretch tents are built to last longer than any other tent on the market. As the stretch tent industry leaders, we’re able to deliver on this promise through ongoing research and development and extensive field trials. The end result is a product that offers exceptional value and return on investment.

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