The history of stretch tents
October 7, 2015
7 500msq of RHI-manufactured tents at RTD 2015
October 23, 2015

RHI: Stretch tents with TÜV approval

RHI is the first South African company to have a stretch tent / “fliegenden bouwtent” accredited by the German TÜV Bureau.

RHI: Stretch tents with TÜV approval

RHI stretch tents are TÜV-approved. Photo courtesy of Flexzelt

What do stretch tents with TÜV approval mean for my business?

Stretch tents with TÜV approval is a demonstration of the safety of the product and affirmation of the advanced manufacturing techniques.

During the TÜV approval process each part of the construction and rigging components are independantly tested and certified for use in public spaces in Germany. Every TÜV-approved structure is provided with a Construction Book; a technical building file of proof that the structure is sufficiently solid for the specific conditions of its construction.

Partner with a leading international manufacturer

RHI Tents is at the forefront of the stretch tent industry. As the first South African company to obtain TÜV approval, we are leading the way for others to follow, setting the the benchmark for the future of stretch tents.

Our unique achievement is testament to the quality and technological advancement of a world-class product. Get in touch with our experts for more information.