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Why choose a stretch tent for your event?

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good looking stretch tent

Good Looking

Stretch tents are a trendy, atmospheric and look great – a popular choice for event tents. Wow your clients with the creative potential of using stretch tents. The organic and curved shapes blend into and compliment outdoor venues and sceneries. Explore the interesting lighting and décor options that come with such unique tent shaping to create an impressive, modern and welcoming atmosphere at any event.

rigging options

Versatile Rigging Options

There is a variety of different rigging options available for each tent. You can adapt the tent to suit each event’s unique requirements. Choose to have it raised up high and open or enclosed on the sides to keep the weather out or join the stretch tent to a building to extend a space outdoors.

stretch tent sizes

Many Size Options

Join multiple tents together to cover a large or shaped area. We recommend that a single tent can cover up to 450m². Join tents together using our modular linking system to cover areas larger than this. See our tent sizes for more information.

RHIs unique 100% waterproof stretch fabric

Weather Resistant

RHI stretch tents are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Our uniquely designed fabric, seams and gutter systems stretch in all directions and remain waterproof. Stretch tents can also be shaped to block out prevailing winds. The RHI multi point tie down system ensures that the tents remain safe and secure in windy conditions. And our fabrics are UV resistant to block the harmful rays of the sun.

stretch tent rigging

Convenient & Easy to Use

Stretch tents are light compared to traditional tents and marquees and take up less space when packed down. They are also easier to transport and store. The poles break down and the tents can be transported in a utility van. Stretch tents require 3 – 5 riggers depending on the size of the tent and an experienced rigging team can take a couple of hours for smaller structures or around 4 hours for the larger event tents.

Looking for more information? Visit our product specifications to see what you get when you invest in an RHI tent or visit our tent sizes page to see more event tent capacity and rigging options.

Make sure you choose a stretch tent manufacturer that is compliant to international safety standards and has a longstanding and loyal customer base. Read more about why to choose RHI or contact us with your questions.