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August 12, 2016
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RHI Repairs a Stretch Tent That’s Been Mauled by Hyenas

Stretch tent repairs

When the Stretch Tent Repairs Team at RHI HQ unfolded the 12m x 15m red tent to facilitate a “repair to a damaged corner”, it was unlike anything we’d seen. The abnormal damage warranted further investigation.

Repairing stretch tents

Repairing damaged stretch tents

Enter the culprit: a spotted hyena! Native to Sub-Saharan Africa, these scavengers have the strongest bite of any mammal, allowing them to easily chew through bone… and tents.

Spotted hyena

The tent had been set up for the South African Breweries (SAB) at the Kruger Park Marathon which takes place at Skakuza. Soon after the last athletes crossed the finish line, a pack of hyenas were heard roaming in the area; reclaiming their turf after the human invasion.

When it came to demounting the tent, it was noted that the corners had been mauled. Luckily the hyenas discovered that while an RHI tent may look beautiful, it does not make for the tastiest of treats.

We were able to easily repair the tent in readiness for a lot more African encounters.

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