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Inspiring Stretch Tent Décor Ideas for Weddings and Parties

Stretch tents first came onto the scene in the early 2 000s. Their ability to be set up almost anywhere (like rooftops and jetty’s) and in many different ways made them the preferred alternative to more traditional tents, such as marquees. These uber-versatile structures quickly gained popularity among event organisers and wedding planners, largely because of the relatively small cost required in transforming these temporary structures into one-of-a-kind spaces.

All stretch tents start out as the proverbial blank canvases – their unique curvature and natural lines serving as principle décor feature. Naturally, the choice of additional pieces has to compliment, if not enhance, the style of the occasion. This is often very easily achieved through simple lighting combinations, colour coordination and the use of appropriate furniture.

Décor Ideas for Weddings

Par cans. This is the simplest way to add lighting.

Place LED par cans in the corners of the tent and adjust them to shine up onto the tent’s surface. The light will disperse over the fabric and conjure playful shadows that dance between the dips and curves.

Top tip: The general rule is to use between two and three lights for every 75m² of tent.

Stretch tent wedding decor

Credit: Intent Productions

The same par cans, or smaller versions thereof, can be clamped onto tent poling for a different effect (do consult the head tent rigger regarding positioning).

Different coloured LEDs are available, so you can mix and match these depending on the colour scheme.

Wedding decor for stretch tents

Credit: Intent Productions

Fairy lights. A classic choice, especially for weddings. Place the lights along the natural lines of the edges to create a magical atmosphere. Also place them up and down the guide ropes as a sophisticated way of making the ropes visible to guests.

The lightweight nature of fairy lights makes it possible to criss-cross them inside the tent, using the poles as attachment point.

Decorations for Wedding Tents

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

Lanterns. Hang lanterns from the edges or along the guide ropes of the tent to add extra charm.

Decoration for wedding tents

Credit: Tentation

Chandeliers. Take your lighting game to the next level with the most romantic light fixture of them all.

Wedding decor for tents

Credit: Tentation

Romantic palettes. The most inexpensive way to dress a stretch tent is with the right choice of colour. Play on the the colour of the tent with contrasting hues.

Stretch tent decoration for weddings

Credit: Tentation

Make an entrance. A dedicated entryway for the bride and groom, like this leafy arch in front of the tent, makes an elegant statement.

Decor for wedding tents

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

Fauna and flora. Bring your wedding to life in the literal sense with plants and greenery. The greens will pair well with a gold and purple colour scheme.

Stretch tent wedding decorations

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

The more the merrier. Instead of using one big tent, link a few different-coloured tents together.

Wedding tent decorations for stretch tents

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

Décor Ideas for Parties

Whether you’re planning a formal event or themed party, the choice of furniture is important for setting the right mood.

Feng shui. Create an intimate atmosphere by placing the bar area in the centre of the tent.

Work with what you have. Different coloured and printed pole socks, which slide over the aluminium poles on the inside of the tent, can be coordinated to the party’s colour scheme. A rustic alternative would be to dress the poles with ivy and flowers, creating life-like features.

Stretch tent decor ideas

Credit: Intent Productions

Themes. For a Moroccan-themed party, low tables, ottomans and cushions give that laid-back vibe. Incorporate kilim rugs for added luxury.

Stretch tent decoration

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

Keep it simple. Furniture with simple lines is ideal for cocktail parties.

Stretch tent decorations

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

A killer combo. Use a combination of high tables and groups of low tables and chairs for a laid-back soirée.

All-white cocktail party decorations

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

Light it up. For evening parties, a white stretch tent can be lit up entirely with one colour.

Cocktail party stretch tent decor

Credit: RHI Stretch Tents

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