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The Three Stretch Tent Accessories You Need This Winter

Stretch tent accessories

As the cold weather starts gripping our clients from the north, it’s the perfect time to list the benefits of our integrated accessory system. This useful feature gives event organisers the ability to “button down the hatches” of their RHI stretch tent.

With its often wet conditions , we quickly gained a practical understanding of the needs of the European stretch tent market, and have consequently developed our product to meet specific demands. The requirement in many cases is the ability to retain heat, to which our answer is “Integrated Stretch Tent Accessories” that use an advanced velcro system.

The radical technological advancement in velcro applications allows gives users the option of applying our storm proof, full perimeter accessories.

Our advanced velcro accessories:

  1. Gives the user the option of joining multiple tents together (modular in nature) while incorporating a gutter system.
    Stretch tent gutter system

    Gutter system for linking stretch tents together.

  2. Gives the user the option of inserting a solid, clear entrance (or door) that can be neatly rolled up when the weather permits.
    Integrated stretch tent accessories

    Door of the tent rolled up.

  3. Gives the user the option of adding skirts around the sides of the tent that are pinned to the ground, sealing the natural scallops that exist between pegs.
    Stretch tent side skirts

    Side skirts applied to the outside of the stretch tent.

The design of these systems have been developed with usability and ease of installation in mind, and has proven to be one of the easiest to install and dismount.

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