Part of our business is to manufacture top quality stretch tents...

The other part is ensuring the success and growth of our clients and international partners.

Assisting clients in taking full advantage of business opportunities in the stretch tent rental industry is a top priority. When you partner with us, you’re not just buying a tent from us, you are also investing in a full assistance and support infrastructure provided by the RHI team.

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RHIs continued commitment to growing the stretch tent industry

If you’re starting out with stretch tents, we’ll provide you with promotional material and photographs to present to clients. We’ve designed a training program to train you how to get the best value from your tent. We’ll show you all you need to know about stretch tents.

Our 24 hour rigging support helpline is on stand-by to provide support as and when you need it. Custom branding options means your stretch tents are branded with your company logo to increase brand visibility. As part of our commitment to safety and transparency we supply you with all the required local fire safety certificates, right out the box so that you can focus on your business and what you do best.