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November 21, 2014
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January 9, 2015

RHI and stretch tent hiring companies: The perfect marriage

RHI Stretch Tents is a pragmatic company, we firmly believe that our success depends on the success of our clients. Our long-standing and loyal client base is testament to our product and company ethos.

Since inception, RHI established itself as the preferred supplier of stretch tents in South Africa’s independent stretch tent hiring market; manufacturing considerable volumes for companies in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The same pattern evolved in Europe with RHI supplying major tent rental companies in the United Kingdom, Holland, Spain and Belgium.

Why we love working with stretch tent hiring companies: 10x15 platinum

Our Dutch client, Maessen Tents’ setup at a party in Holland (10×15 platinum).

Our success as the premier supplier to stretch tent hiring companies around the world is attributed to a unique two-fold approach.

The RHI Promise

  1. We manufacture and export a first-class product: Our stretch tents are designed to last at least 70 rental cycles, maximising the return on investment.
  2. We build long-term relationships: Our clients do not only receive a product, but the full weight of RHIs support and assistance in all aspects of starting up and running a stretch tent hiring company.

Long-term commitment

  • Hiring companies can confidently rely on solid backing from us in the form of extra rigging equipment when necessary. This is exceptionally valuable during peak season with tight deadlines.
  • We strive to connect new hiring companies to a network of clients in their region, affording them access to a larger “pool” of tents.
  • Rigging teams all over the world enables us to draw from a massive pool of knowledge, experience and skills. We value feedback about our product to help us constantly innovate and improve, enabling us to pass on new ideas and systems throughout our client network.
Why we love working with stretch tent hiring companies

The RHI rigging team setting up a stretch tent.

Need expert advice? If you are an established stretch tent hiring company, or even just starting out, we would love to help.