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August 16, 2015
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August 31, 2015

RHI manufactures spectacular rooftop cover solution

At RHI we have always highlighted the ability of our stretch tents to transform spaces in unique and interesting ways.
In this article, we prove just how versatile stretch tents are by showcasing an an eye-catching, RHI-manufactured cover solution at an extraordinary venue.

3D-view of rooftop cover solution designed by RHI

Intent Productions, a UK-based stretch tent company, was approached by “RoofNic” to come with a rooftop cover solution for its pop-up venue. Located on top of the Marriot Hotel, overlooking Oxford Street in the heart of London, RoofNic were looking to create a summer picnic and bar spot.

As Intent’s long-time stretch tent supplier, RHI sat down with their design team, the brief and site inspection details. In no time at all we’d decided on a design that would not only satisfy the client’s brief, but would be functional and safe for the urban picnic-goers.

Take a look at the spectacular result, as we let the pictures below speak for themselves.

3D-view of cover solution for rooftop designed by RHI

A rooftop cover solution designed by RHI Stretch Tents

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Cover solution for rooftop

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Congratulations to everyone involved in this successful project. If you too are looking for an out-of-this-world, temporary rooftop cover solution, contact RHI today.