A Custom Stretch Tent Brings This Port-side Restaurant Onto the Ocean

Portside restaurant tent
RHI Stretch Tents was recently commissioned to design, manufacture and supply a custom stretch tent for the Sunset Café on the manmade Eden Island in Seychelles. The island belongs to the Mahe Port Islands, of which the main industry is tourism and hosts a beautiful small port and a yacht marina.

The organic shape of the stretch tent mergers seamlessly into its surroundings while at the same time enhancing the panoramic vistas.

Our brief was to design a tent that would cover the marina-facing outdoor seating area of the restaurant and extend right up to the water’s edge to offer customers a cool and airy environment in which to enjoy the scenic view of the ocean.

View of the tent from the front of the restaurant.
The 180m2 design was a challenge eagerly met by RHI’s custom design team, which called for the tent to be attached to a five-meter high building that extends down to three-meter high steel pillars right on the edge of the marina.

The 180m2 installation, on the other hand, was eagerly met by the restaurant team, who installed the structure with the help of RHI’s support team via telecon and email.

The installation process.
This project perfectly illustrates how custom stretch tents can offer a viable solution when designed intelligently, while also fitting into difficult areas in which many other temporary structures would not work.

Inside the restaurant at night.
The design turned out to be spectacular. Our matte organic fabric creates a soft natural feel that blends extremely well into the tropical space.

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