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November 22, 2019
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The Arachnid: RHI’s Octagon-Shaped Stretch Tent

Octagon Tent

A splendid creature indeed. Octagon-shaped and 20m in diameter, RHI’s Arachnid is a beauty to behold and a striking addition to our stretch tent offering. Read on to learn why this closable circular tent is perfect for any outdoor event (and a must-have for your rental fleet).

The Arachnid.

A Quick Overview of the Arachnid

Once set up the Arachnid creates 330m² of cover. Event organisers have the option of leaving all eight entrances open or closing as many as desired. This closing-down system is achieved with clear windows or side panels – depending on the weather, occasion, or desired “flow” of guests – a feature that allows tent rental companies to considerably extend their season.

Clear windows.

Another exciting feature is the ability to join more than one Arachnid together. This is done with a simple linking system and is often used by big events that need to create a megastructure or by events that require multiple venues within a single venue. This linking system gives organisers the ability to create truly spectacular spaces that are different from the rectangular norm.

Octagon Tents Joined Together

Two tents joined together.

Contrary to what you’re probably thinking about the setup time, the Arachnid is surprisingly easy to rig. It requires just four riggers around three hours to set up – a viable option for tent rental companies looking to add something different to their fleet.

Types of Events That Are Ideal for a Circular Tent

  • Markets The Arachnid is in demand for a variety of occasions, but especially popular with market organisers who require multiple entrances and the ability to brand side panels.
  • Product launches It’s also a unique alternative for product launches and other types of corporate events – perfect for those looking for an outdoors alternative to the typical conference room.
  • Festivals Even festival organisers love the Arachnid for its endless internal layout options and ability to incorporate a circular bar or stage in the centre of the structure around the main king pole.
  • Weddings The versatile Arachnid is often found as a permanent fixture at wedding venues due to its wow-factor immediately winning over prospective clients.

What Makes This Stretch Tent One of a Kind?

Apart from its dashing good looks, the Arachnid is made to the same high-quality standard as all the other tents in our stable.

Each new product undergoes rigorous field trials to ensure it’s safe and durable. As the first the South African company to have a stretch tent accredited by the German TÜV Bureau, it’s proven that safety is our number one priority. On the durability front, we turn to our partners who have done more than 100 event setups with the Arachnid to attest to the quality of our tents.

Illustration of the Arachnid from above.
Illustration of the Arachnid from the front.

Multiple Arachnids joined together.

Detailed Specs

  • Usable space: 330m² / 3 552ft²
  • Footprint required: 26m / 65ft wide
  • Set up time: 3 hours (+/-)
  • Riggers: 4
  • Break down time: 1 hour (+/-)
  • Packed bag dimensions: 110x110x140cm / 3.6×3.6×4.6ft
  • Weight: 300kg / 661lb
  • Formal seating: 160pax (+/-)
  • Cocktail standing: 200pax (+/-)
  • Cinema style: 260pax (+/-)

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