Stretch Tent Design
November 8, 2013
Custom stretch tent installation
Custom Stretch Tent Installation for a Floating Jetty
September 26, 2014

Indoor Stretch Tent Installation for the Radisson Hotel

Indoor stretch tent installation

Every so often we’re approached with a truly unique project that is exciting to both design and manufacture. This time the projects was for a luxurious Cape Town hotel, the Radisson Blu, who were looking to create a more relaxed atmosphere in their Health Club & Spa. While our tents and membranes are mostly used for outdoor applications, like pool and braai covers, requests for interior designs aren’t uncommon.

The Brief

The brief incorporated the hotel’s desire to transform the Health Club’s foyer and pool area into a more “intimate” space.

How We Did It

We designed eight sails using our MK4 white fabric that would allow shadows and light to be dispersed through the membranes. The sails were precisely manufactured into membranes and installed criss-crossing the area to create a romantic environment where visitors would feel relaxed.

Assembling the giant ceiling puzzle went off without a hitch. Each of the connecting points hit their mark, and fortunately it was possible to modify existing features of the room, using connecting points to achieve the overall look.

The End Result

Spectacular – a must-see makeover.

Indoor stretch tent sail installation

Stretch tent sail installation

Stretch tent installation

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