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Create Money-Making Areas For Your Restaurant or Bar

How to increase restaurant sales

Restaurants, bars, and pop-ups are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales; especially during the slow winter months. One way to achieve this could be to expand a venue’s undercover capacity, however, most establishments aren’t able to build out or up due to various restrictions (notwithstanding the exorbitant cost of such renovations).

This is likely not news to established businesses, but what you might not know is how a stretch tent can create cozy undercover areas to increase venue capacity – regardless of the shape, size, or positioning of the building.

The Stretch Tent Solution

Stretch tents are so unique that no other tent can do its job. Tricky spaces like rooftops can now be covered against harsh weather conditions with a semi-permanent stretch tent structure. This revolutionary innovation is not only practical but also beautiful – creating the comfortable atmosphere that patrons seek.

With the advent of stretch tents, indoor spaces can cost-effectively be extended outdoors to revive what was previously thought of as “dead zones” (especially during winter).

When approached with imagination, these new revenue areas can do well to put a restaurant or bar on the locals’ radar. A beautiful case in point is the Magic Roundabout in Old Street, London.

The operators created a perfectly unique environment for street food vendors – offering artisanal coffee, cocktails and craft beer – and DJs to provide the evening’s entertainment. In order to maximize their investment over the chilly winter months, the Magic Roundabout turned to RHI Stretch Tents’ long-standing partner and UK distributor, Intent Productions, to offer a cover solution for the +/- 290m² outdoor area.

The end result is a solution that allows this establishment to get the most out of every square inch of floor space. Now, what business wouldn’t want that?

The Magic Roundabout says:
“Located literally in the middle of Old Street Roundabout, accessed via a secret staircase in the Tube station, The Magic Roundabout is London’s most unique and newest party space, offering award-winning street food, artisan coffee, beautiful cocktails and craft beers! As if that wasn’t enough, our DJs are plucked from some of London’s biggest clubs, and will be on the decks each evening, playing a superb mix of disco, house and groove. The venue gets covered in October and keeps partying throughout the winter months – look out for special events. “

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