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The Best Festival Tent for Outdoor Events Across Africa & Europe

Festival Tents

Outdoor festivals often take place in remote locations, as a large area of open space is required to set up the various amenities required for food and music festivals. However, remote locations often come with their own set of challenges that event organisers and suppliers need to bridge, like difficult access to roads and uneven terrain. From a cover perspective, some tents are much easier (and cost effective) to transport and rig than others.

Traditional marquees, for example, are heavy and bulky when folded up, and take more resources to transport and rig. Stretch tents (or bedouin tents, as they’re called in some parts of the world) are much lighter and compact when folded up, making them more cost-effective to transport and rig. A large stretch tent, for example, which can occupy up to 200 people in a cocktail setup, weighs only 284kg, and measures in at 100 x 100 x 120cm when packed up.

Together with the rigging equipment (+-200kg), the combined weight is just under 500kg, which a standard van is able to transport comfortably. Not only are transport costs significantly reduced with stretch tents, but the costs associated with setup and breakdown up are much less compared to traditional marquees. A large stretch tent will take four riggers only 2.5 hours to rig.

Tents for Festivals

8 Reasons Stretch Tents Make the Best Festival Tents

    • Easy to transport Stretch tents are lightweight and compact when folded, making them cost-effective to transport.
    • Easy to rig (and dismantle) Because they’re so light, stretch tents are cost-effective and quick to rig and dismantle.
    • Ability to incorporate vegetation Stretch tents do not require a flat footprint, which means they can be rigged on uneven surfaces, in the most rugged terrains.
    • Easy to maintain RHI stretch tents are coated with dirt repellants, which make them a breeze to clean, and treated with antimicrobials, which inhibit mould and fungal growth.
    • 100% waterproof & fire retardant RHI stretch tents are made from All-weather MK4 fabric which remains waterproof while stretched. Our fabric is fire resistant and complies with fire safety regulations.
    • Customisable RHI stretch tents are available in a variety of colours and sizes, and our fabric is printable. And if you’re looking for something special, our custom stretch division is able to meet almost any requirement.
    • Low environmental footprint Stretch tents have a much lower impact on the land, owing to the smaller rigging crews and lighter transport vehicles required. 
    •  Modular RHI stretch tents can be set up in any shape or form to create the desired setting. They can also be linked together to create megastructures when required.

The modular nature of stretch tents is one of the main reasons why they make the perfect festival tent. Stretch tents give event organisers have the ability to combine different colours and sizes in order to promote different activities and functions.

Communal Campsites

Communal Campsites – Festival Tents

Food & Beverage Stations

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Cocktail Lounges

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VIP Areas

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Chill-Out Zones

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The Main Event

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