Stretch tents are cost effective, practical and versatile structures

Stretch Tents take a fraction of the storage space, transport and manpower to store, set up and maintain than more traditional structures.

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Stretch Tent Applications

Stretch Tents offer many benefits for event organisers, tent hiring companies, corporations and even home users that any other form of tent does not, offering a wide range of new uses and benefits that where unheard of 10 years ago. You may also have heard of freeform tents, bedouin tents, & stretch marquees – its all the same thing.

Stretch Tents are perfectly suited to Hiring Companies

Our principle clients are hiring companies, who have flourished in the wake of the ever increasing demand for stretch tents. The stretch tent hiring business model is very attractive when considering the versatility of stretch tents, and the low cost of sales required for rigging, storing and maintaining them.