About RHI Stretch Tent Manufacturer

Passionate about making stretch tents!

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Quality Fanatics

We admit it. We are freaks about quality. In fact, we designed our own knitting machines because we wanted our fabrics to be exactly how we want them. We select suppliers, service providers and partners who share our passion for craftsmanship, excellence and attention to detail. We carefully test each tent before it leaves our premises so that we know that the tent you are receive is the best possible quality you can get. That’s how we like it.

Stretch tents and how it all started

Stretch tents originated in South Africa, known for its scenic beauty and outdoor locations for events, weddings, filming etc. What began with some simple ideas to create shade quickly became an efficient, informal and trendy outdoor shade option.

Here’s where team RHI stepped in. We loved the stretch tent concept and wanted to develop a tent that would be good looking, robust and weatherproof for as many installations as possible. And even though we now supply a leading product worldwide, we never stop designing, testing and innovating.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to keep making the next generation stretch tent and staying at the forefront of the international stage as a world class stretch tent manufacturer.

Expert service and sound advice

We’re experts when it comes to stretch tents and look forward to help you with any questions you have about the product or the industry.